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8 FEATURES BEST SMARTPHONE HUAWEI HONOR 8 : With 4Gb Ram and the latest price in 2017


HUAWEI HONOR 8 – One vendor companies from China again launched a latest samartphone with a fairly cheap price with specifications classy. Newspaper circulating in cyberspace that Huawei will release a new smartphone is indeed true. News circulated that there would be dual main camera. Huawei released a new smartphone that Huawei honor 8, which will replace the previous output smartphone Huawei honor 7.

The smartphone comes with a price and a view that is quite tempting so we could have it. With a design that is very luxurious and beautiful makes the smartphone a very fancy when your handheld. Below we will look at the specifications and prices of the latest release of the Huawei company’s . We just see 8 reviews best smartphone Huawei honor 8:

  • Fingerprint

Huawei honor 8 comes with a new security system that adds features fingerprint scanner. The sensor that is located behind the body of this phone, so you just stick your finger to open the locked screen. With this sensor is simply no need to worry if you lose your smartphone or cell phone borrowed a friend who will see all confidential data exist on the mobile phone. It is expected with the addition of fingerprint features, this smartphone will make you more comfortable in use and store important data belonging to you.
  • Display

The latest smartphone from Huawei company uses a wide screen that is 5.2 inches which has been using the panel  IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with a color depth 16.7M color display screen that makes it so brilliant. This smartphone also features a charming premises accompanied on screen by the 4.1UI  interface with 2.5 curved glass. Even the price is so cheap Huawei also added mutitouch up to 10 touches. Even smartphones using red fan logo has been added capability scratch-resistant scratch-resistant coating so as to strengthen the ability to screen against scratches. Also on display is equipped with Full HD 1080 x 1920 pixels to the screen density of 424 ppi so that the rendered image is very sharp, crisp and colorful.
  • Body

At this smartphone comes in several color variants of pearl white, gold sunrise, midnight black, sapphire blue and pink sakura. In addition to the materials used in the manufacture of body of this phone is the aluminum metal material is pretty solid and made to see the smartphone design to be more luxurious and elegant. Even on a body behind it comes to finishing fourth gllasy with shaped corners rounded. The dimensions of this phone are 145.5 x 71 mm with a fairly thin body thickness is 7.45 mm with a weight of only 153 grams so comfortable and very luxurious when your handheld.

  • Camera 

In terms of the camera does not need to doubt the result of the picture, because the camera section is one of the excellent features on this smartphone. Huawei honor 8 brings dual rear camera with 12MP resolution of each that will make you satisfied when performing activities photography. Not only that, in the main camera alone have the ability to double, the flash lamp is also equipped with dual LED flash that will support the clarity and sharpness and high image quality when the atmosphere when photographed lack of light.

 On the phone also comes with additional features of autofocus laser sensors and sensor PDAF that will produce a very clear picture. At the rear camera can also be used to record video with a resolution of Full HD 1080p @ 30fps and is also equipped with a slow motion feature to record vidio with fast moving object so that the results could be moving slowly.

High ability who owned the smartphone Huawei honor 8 not only lies in the back of the camera alone. Even in front of the camera has a very wide viewing angle with apature f / 2.4.  In front camera of the also has a good ability as well. Equipped with an 8MP reolusi in front of the camera makes the outcome clear when we do activities to take pictures using the front camera. not only that, the front camera is also equipped with LED flash so that the results of the resulting image will look sharp and quality when you take a picture of lack of light. 

  • Ram Large up to 4Gb

Developments in the world of technology is very fast. Even in terms of the ability of RAM on a smartphone. Even now smartphones already have similar capabilities even beyond the capability of a PC with a very cheap price of course. Huawei company equip new capabilities in its newest product Huawei honor 8 that with enough RAM to 4Gb.

RAM enormous capability is not in doubt. You will be very satisfied and comfortable when using this smartphone. RAM is large enough you can use to play games with RAM capacity of heavy though. Not suited to your men who are very happy and like to play games.

  • Platform

In smartphone Huawei honor 8 is equipped with the latest operating system Android, OS V 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Not only that, the ability of software owned this Smartphone. Octa-Core Ghz CPU with GPU Mail T-880 MP4.

Additionally chipset used is Hisilicon kirin 950 (I5 Co-processor). In addition to using the signal capabilities Dual Sim card with 4G LTE capability also use WLAN technology such as wifi hostspot and 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual band, and wifi direct wifi display. Additionally equipped with a means of data transmission that is Bluetooth V4.1 with BLE and NFC.

  • Memory

As seen above that this smartphone is equipped with OS version 6 and capabilities large RAM with 4GB capacity. Not only is there only samopai superior features of Huawei honor 8, the smartphone is equipped with an internal memory capacity is large enough with two variants of 32Gb and 64Gb.

Makes you could save a lot of important data into the mobile phones without fear of running out of space again. If you run out of places Internal storage on this phone, you do not have to worry anymore because this phone is also equipped with an external memory of 128GB up to 256GB. So you can save even more data into the smartphone to help you in daily activities.

  • Battery

This smartphone battery offered berkapasistas Li-ion 3000mAh which I personally think is enough to support the needs of our day to day. With fast charging capability make the phone you do not have to wait long in battery charging. But even so, this phone also has shortcomings on the battery because it is non-removable ie if there is damage to the battery you must replace a special place.

The price offered by Huawei company ranges from 4-6 million to sales in Indonesian. Thus the explanation of 8 reviews best smartphone Huawei honor 8 with 4Gb Ram and the latest price in 2017. Hopefully, the above information is helpful for those of you who want to buy the smartphone. 

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